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Overengineered and failure tolerant backend-first webring software.

dwing -- Diowo's Webring. The goal of this project is to have a backend-first webring software that is extremely failure tolerant. Most webrings use frontend scripts, they work well, and I totally respect them, but what if someone doesn't want to use JavaScript on their site? Or what if a site goes offline for a bit, maybe the webmaster simply removed the links, thus breaking the webring. This project aims to fix this by employing extreme measures, that are maybe overkill, but that was my goal, make a very failure tolerant webring, to learn more about nodejs and expressjs specifically. Additionally it has a bunch of cool stuff on the frontend, like dynamic thumbnail generation for each site, and the caching of assets instead of hotlinking, so if a site is down the assets are still going to work.






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